Recovery Coach

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The Recovery Coach (RC) will provide peer recovery support services to children and adolescents with behavioral health issues and will assist patients by continuing to support and promote their success.  The RC will bridge the segregated treatment system into a more holistic care model through providing support across multiple systems and frameworks of care. This position will maintain ongoing patient support and will serve as a motivator, ally, role model, problem-solver, and advocate for children and adolescents with behavioral health issues. The RC should possess thorough understanding of community culture to address the barriers to success, better tailor health messages, and provide links to community resources and treatment options.

The responsibilities included in this position are the following:

  • Serves as a liaison between the Behavioral Health system, the medical treatment system, and the patient’s community, family, and social context to facilitate connections across systems of care
  • Works collaboratively with treatment team to implement evidence-based services to patients with behavioral health issues
  • Addresses barriers to success and serves as role model and advocate
  • Conducts active outreach efforts to encourage attendance and participation in self-help and pro-social groups
  • Assists with access to treatment for behavioral health conditions, creating systems and procedures to rapidly identify treatment needs and determine appropriate level of care.
  • Assists with data collection for quality assurance and program evaluation


  • Engage with patients identified with behavioral health issues
  • Conduct initial needs assessment, review the patient’s behavioral health history, and identify the patient’s goals and expectations and create the Wellness Plan
  • Maintain ongoing support services with a minimal engagement of five contacts in 30 days after initial Wellness Plan
  • Together with clinical staff, facilitate referrals to appropriate levels of care
  • Educate patients about behavioral health and utilize motivational interviewing to explore ambiguity and tip the scales towards treatment
  • Provide peer counseling and support patients in establishing treatment goals and achieving and maintaining positive mental health
  • Develop an intervention plan with patients and clinic team
  • Monitor patients’ progress and evaluate outcomes with the Program Director
  • Clearly and effectively facilitate communication between the patient and the clinical team, and any external providers maintaining appropriate confidentiality procedures and boundaries
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records and standardized data on all patients
  • Systematically review the caseload with the supervisor focusing on new patients and patients who are having difficulties
  • Represent Link House, Inc. in the community at meetings and events related to behavioral health
  • Develop relationships and partner with community groups and agencies to develop comprehensive wrap around services.
  • Hours can be flexible taking into account the patient’s needs.


Must have completed or be in the process of becoming a Certified Recovery Coach.


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