Minute Taker/Transcriber

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Link House, Inc was founded in 1972 as a recovery home for men struggling with alcohol addiction who wanted to take charge of their lives.  We are now entering our 50th year of service and provide programs for both men and women who are in search of recovery.  We are proud that our exceptional staff has served over 5000 men and women from the North Shore and the Merrimac Valley helping them achieve sobriety.

We are looking for a meeting minute taker/transcriber for our monthly board meetings.  This would entail 1 time per month 5:30 – 7:00pm plus the transcribing time.

What is the purpose of minute taker?

A minute taker is in charge of taking the minutes of the meeting. These minutes are required to provide a formal account of who was at the meeting, what was discussed, what actions were agreed upon, and who would carry out these actions. The minute taker is in charge of providing the single official version of events. Having one minute taker prevents each attendee from having to prepare their own formal notes.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a minute taker?

The minute taker must keep an accurate record of what happened at the meeting and what decisions were made. They must take notes in an impartial way and they must not try to impose their own opinions into the notes which have been taken.

What’s involved with being a minute taker?

A minute taker must listen carefully to the meeting and must take clear and concise notes about what occurred during the meeting. They must produce an impartial set of notes. It may be helpful for the minute taker to quickly draw up a seating plan at the beginning of the meeting, so that they are able to keep track of all the attendees. It is also helpful if they are fully aware of the agenda before the meeting starts so that they can organize their notes properly. Where does a minute taker fit into the meeting process? A minute taker is essential to the meeting process, because they produce the formal minutes of the meeting, which are an official requirement for many companies.

To apply for this job email your details to jraske@linkhouseinc.org